I am in Love with Jesus

Why Jesus is always loving you? Because, i feel he knows only to love his people! That is the reason he born & died for you (he is alive).

jesus love

According to bible if you have little bit faith in our God Jesus Christ, you will see miracles, but i recommend you guys increase your faith levels on our father Jesus, and follow bible messages, bible means Jesus, Jesus means bible. God always wants people to love each other.

My dear brothers and sisters be loved always with Jesus and understand the holy bible through reading regularly. Need prayer in all situations, if you are suffering with problems, inform to our Lord Jesus Christ through prayer and get instant answer or solution.

Our Jesus Christ is alive, he always sees you, and always ready to hear your prayers. He is only the solution for all your problems and breakthrough! Because Jesus always loves the world, and we are the children of God. Amen!


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