Prayer is the Solution to Recover All Problems

jesus christ prayer

Folding Hands over a Bible

Are you worried about your job or health or family issues etc. Don’t worry, our God Jesus Christ is there!

You should inform your problems to our God through prayer with faith. He is always ready to hear your request, before ask anything of God you should leave your past and live like Jesus.  Read bible everyday and understand messages, because word is God!

Our Lord always thinking about his children, he wants ┬áto give you reward at the right time. When your things are not successful, don’t go for depression. You should pray, prayer only the instant solution for all your problems.

I am very poor in communication skills & English, but I am doing a good job and communicating everyday very well in my office, because that knowledge is not my own, that is given by our Lord Jesus Christ only. So my dear brothers and sisters, we need to search always God, we need prayer.

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